Enterprise Security & E911 Regulations & Compliance Round Table

Intrado experts discuss the challenges of security and compliance in a hybrid working world and what businesses can do to better prepare for the future.

Paige Phillips, Content Marketing Specialist

March 09, 2022

Enterprise Security and E911 Compliance Challenges in a Hybrid Working World

In today’s world, hybrid and remote work is the new norm. Hybrid workers typically utilize multiple communication devices, ranging from desktop phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This creates issues in maintaining compliance to E911 regulations. 

Dialing 911 from any of the listed devices above, the PBX, UC, or UCaaS systems must comply to state and federal regulations. This is where Kari’s Law and Section 506 of the RAY BAUM’s Act comes into play. The FCC issued a Report and Order to implement both requirements to ensure internal notification for 911 calls, as well as the delivery of a “dispatchable location” to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). A “dispatchable location” includes critical data, such as a validated street address of the caller and the exact location within a building or apartment.

Helping Companies to Address E911 Challenges

Enterprise E911 is designed to improve call handling by expediting response times, creating greater situational awareness, and increase positive outcomes in emergency situations. Intrado offers solutions that enable enterprises and service providers to comply with all state and federal E911 related regulations. Intrado’s Enterprise E911 solutions

•    Integrate most PBX and UC systems
•    Provide multiple options for notification of a 911 call
•    Automatically identify the location of a caller, whether they work onsite, remote or a combination of both
•    Transfer critical data to the right PSAP, the first time 

Solutions can be deployed directly to the enterprise that is managing its own voice system, or through service providers and carriers who offer voice services, including SIP trunking and hosted telephony, such as UCaaS. In either scenario, Intrado’s large team of safety experts and professionals are dedicated to sharing their experience and expertise to ensure full compliance within all applicable federal and state laws – all while keeping deployment and maintenance efficient and reasonably priced. 

New Technologies to Prepare Businesses for the Future

Looking beyond E911 regulations and compliance, it is important for businesses “to have the right tools to share timely information with the appropriate people.” Mass notification solutions, offering multi-modal notification methods, can help businesses streamline their emergency communication process by simultaneously alerting workers located within and beyond the facility, initiate incident management protocols, and share life saving information with PSAPs and first responders. An important key to the application is making sure there are various capable spots to avoid single points of failure, so notifications are always received during an emergency situation.

When E911 and mass notification systems work together, they significantly narrow the time between the point of detection and incident resolution, ultimately saving lives. Intrado’s Safety Suite, an industry-first turnkey solution, helps business address all emergency communication needs. A solution that starts with incident detection and in-building communication, beyond-the-building alerts to inform offsite individuals, and information sharing with the 911 operations center, PSAPs, and first responders. Companies are then enabled to document and automate standard operating procedures (SOP) so onsite response teams are ready for any emergency situation. 

Interested in learning more about Intrado’s solutions? Let us know how we can help and contact us today. 

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