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Mass Notification Software for Enterprises

Intrado offers innovative and life-saving solutions specifically designed to connect those in need. Intrado Revolution is part of the Intrado Safety Suite portfolio. It’s an emergency mass notification and IP paging software platform that enhances security and communication processes by providing a unified solution for real-time and automated notifications. The software helps enterprises enhance physical security by seamlessly connecting employees with security personnel and other staff members in times of need.

In this blog article, we’ll cover a variety of scenarios in which Safety Suite can help enterprises across diverse sectors, including financial businesses, retail stores, grocery outlets and beyond.

Six Ways Your Institution Can Use Mass Notification Software

Safety Suite can reduce the risk of workplace emergencies, protect lone workers in the field, and provide critical data to employees and first responders. Here are some Safety Suite use cases:

  • Emergency Alarm Systems– During an emergency situation inside of an enterprise, an employee can trigger a panic button that is mounted in a discrete location, such as beneath a cash register stand or an office desk. When the employee pushes the button, Intrado Revolution can be configured to discretely alert your list of predefined recipients.

  • Wearable Panic ButtonWith Intrado’s Wearable Panic Button, enterprises can simultaneously alert 911 first responders for assistance. Location data, incident details, floor plans and more are automatically shared with first responders via the panic button data which is passed through Intrado Safety Shield.

  • Weather Alerts– Alert staff and customers of severe weather emergencies with real-time alerts from the National Weather Service. Share pertinent information such as where to seek shelter, evacuation procedures, and building closure information with employees located on or off-premises. 

  • Paging & Intercom– Overhead paging is commonly used in larger office environments, grocery stores, and more. Intercom systems can be found in financial businesses such as a bank drive thru window. This can be used by customers to communicate with tellers. With Intrado Revolution, you can connect a sensor to alert tellers on the main floor when a customer drives up to the window. Connecting Revolution with intercoms makes it simple to leverage existing PA systems for improved communication and customer service.

  • Smart Building Detection– Connect smart-building systems like access control, fire alarm panels, cameras, and more to detect and alert improper building entry, motion detection, unauthorized presence, theft, fire, and other hazardous conditions.

  • Dial Monitoring and Fire & Life Safety Alerts – Intrado’s Dial Monitoring feature helps MLTS customers stay compliant with Kari’s Law by alerting internal personnel when a predetermined number, such as 911, is dialed from a phone on the network. This gives immediate visibility to internal users, such as managers and security staff, to respond quickly and assess the situation prior to first responders arriving to the scene. The internal notification can include the extension number that dialed 911, date, and time the call was placed. These notifications can be sent to IP desk phones, SMS text messages, desktop computers, and more.

Intrado Safety Suite adds value to enterprises by providing advanced security, protection, and communication for your employees and customers. For more information about Safety Suite, click here.

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