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3 min read

A Watershed Moment for Smarter Cities

There’s one thing to know about 2022: Many more communities across the U.S. will become smarter than they were before, maybe even smart cities. What...

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4 min read

Connecting to the 911 of Things

Getting relevant data from the Internet of Things to 911 from any “Smart” device When first introduced, the process of dialing “911” for emergency...

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4 min read

The Internet of Things for the 911 of Things

Supplemental data from many IoT providers can be transmitted to public safety with 911 calls to create greater situational awareness and actionable...

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2 min read

Using Your IoT Investment to Improve Your Enterprise's Emergency Responses

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is one of today’s hot topics in tech. IoT will change how enterprises are built and operate internally. While the...

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