ECaTS CPE Reporting

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Standardized Reports. Customized Service.

Our classic 9-1-1 analytics solution, outfitted with a selection of preconfigured
and ad hoc reports and customer service perks unlike any other MIS in the industry.

Standard Reports

20+ core reports to help you make the most of your data, including calls per hour, PSAP answer time, circuit utilization, and call transfer count.

Management reports

A selection of reports that gives leadership a big-picture view of PSAP performance, such as trunk group utilization and answer time exception.

Ad Hoc

Build your own reports and generate large data sets in Excel and other formats. ECaTS staff helps you build templates, run reports, and conduct analysis. Just ask!

Raw Data

Access and view all your raw call data at any time, for any reason. ECaTS stores your data indefinitely and purges it upon customer request.

Report Scheduling

Set up automatic, recurring delivery of any (or all) of your reports so that they're in your email inbox and ready when you are.

Full Service / Support

Unlimited personal phone support, webinars, and data requests—and we'll even develop custom reports for your specific needs.


911 Data Transformed into Actionable Insights

When you partner with Intrado ECaTS, you get more than a set of static, out-of-the box reports. You get a suite of tools you can customize for your unique requirements. With ECaTS you're equipped to make faster, smarter decisions with accurate data and best-in-class analytics tailored just for your.


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