ECaTS Wireless Routing Analysis

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Move in the Right Direction.

The WRA module contains a suite of reports that analyze your wireless routing for each cell sector based on data from the local call handling platform. Routing can be a tricky business because it involves the cooperation of multiple entities—and there can be serious consequences when it’s done improperly.

The reports included in the WRA module are:

Wireless Call Sector
Wireless Transfer Summary
New Tower Report
ESN Tracking Report
Field Testing Report

Optimize wireless routing management

With this module, you get insight into how calls are delivered to your PSAP, if calls that should be directed to you are not routing correctly, or if you’re picking up calls that shouldn’t come to you. That allows you to make recommendations for improved service to local cell carriers, which directly influences your ability to forecast your PSAPs’ needs and ensure you’re delivering the best emergency response possible to your community.


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