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One Central Hub For Systems & Equipment

Many schools and districts have a big problem: their safety and communications systems are not unified. Or, in other words, systems are individually managed, manually operated, and not well integrated. Intrado Revolution is the solution to this problem. A unique web-based platform, Revolution allows you to manage virtually all of your security and communications technologies from a single, easy-to-use interface – making school operations simpler, easier, more cost-effective, and most importantly, safer.

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K-12 Districts & Schools

A single hub for automating bell schedules, triggering lockdowns, integrating with smart-building devices to receive notifications about key events, and much more, across all buildings and campuses.



Higher Education

Enhance safety in all of your academic buildings and dormitories across all campuses. Send building evacuation alerts in emergency situations, warn students and faculty about intruders, and much more.

Simplify & Unify Your Communications

Managing all of your communications systems and equipment is costly in terms of time and money. By connecting all of your various systems to Intrado Revolution, you can reduce those costs. Automate time-consuming processes, reduce time spent managing legacy equipment, avoid unnecessary equipment upgrades, and much more. 

View our Integration Map to see Intrado Revolution's activation sources and delivery methods.

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Use Cases

Educational institutions large and small are already using Intrado Revolution to make their campuses smarter, safer, and more efficient. Here are some of the most common use cases from our education clients.

simplified notifications-overhead paging

On-Premises Alerts

Integrate with all kinds of communications equipment, including sirens, strobe lights, intercoms, digital signage, and much more to send alerts.

simplified notifications-lockdowns

One-Click Lockdowns

Immediately lock doors, alert campus security, and broadcast emergency notifications to students and staff.

simplified notifications-managed bell schedules

Safety Alerts

Sound alarms in classrooms and dormitories to evacuate buildings, send alerts about intrudres on campus, and much more.

simplified notifications-access control

Keep Buildings Secure

Connect smart-building devices to activate alerts when motion has been detected after hours or other key events happen.

simplified notifications-dial monitoring

Dial Monitoring

Stay compliant with Kari’s Law by monitoring and alerting personnel when 911 is dialed from a phone on the network

simplified notifications-hazardous conditions

Hazard Alerts

Activate notifications when hazardous incidents like fire or chemical spills happen.

simplified notifications-desktop mobile alerts

Desktop & Mobile Alerts

Get critical notifications delivered to iOS and Android devices, PC and Mac desktops, and Chromebooks.

simplified notifications-weather emergencies

Weather Notices

Set up systems to automatically draft schedule change or campus closure notifications based on NOAA alerts.

Compatible Endpoints

Syn-Apps’ notification software is compatible with a variety of industry-leading IP hardware manufacturers – unifying software and hardware across your network for a truly streamlined communication experience.

Fully integrate with IP devices such as speakers, clocks, and strobes, providing customers paging and alerting functionality with reduced hardware and cable costs by leveraging existing network infrastructure.

Digital Signs
Panic Buttons
Weather Alerts
3rd Party
Fire Panels
Access Control

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