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Intrado Safety Suite offers a thoroughly modern approach to safety devices with our new Wearable Panic Button

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Simultaneously submit a 911 request for assistance while silently notifying staff, instantly initiate lockdowns, and leverage 100% connectivity on or off-campus. Location data, incident details, floor plans and more are automatically shared with first responders.

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A Modern Approach to Safety Devices

The Wearable Panic Button, part of Intrado Safety Suite, delivers meaningful features that save valuable time when every second counts.

  • Notify 911 immediately of an emergency while simultaneously alerting staff campus-wide by silent haptic vibration and flashing LED lights
  • Location data, incident details, floor plans and more can be automatically shared with the 911 center
  • Instantly initiate building or campus lockdowns and easily cancel false alarms
  • The only Alyssa’s Law-compliant solution to offer unrivaled connectivity to manage incidents on and off-campus, featuring triple redundancy and the unique ability to leverage dedicated emergency communication networks - creating a connection into 911 dispatch centers and first responders to quickly share information

Sleek, Compact Design

The Intrado Safety Suite wearable device is a completely customizable, ID-badge-sized 911 panic button.

  • Completely programmable options activation, types of alerts, and which alerts notify 911 
  • Lightweight design does not interfere with day-to-day activities 
  • Color and personalized logo options available

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intrado wearable panic button holding device

Unrivaled Connectivity

With triple redundancy and dual SIM cards, you can rest assured that staff can access services whether they are on campus or off. 

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi and Cellular/LTE for 100% connectivity
  • Daily device health checks with dashboard results for added peace of mind
  • Extended life rechargeable battery

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Seeing IS Believing

Our Wearable Panic Button, part of Safety Suite, delivers critical data and ensures a quick response during an emergency.


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