Jeff Robertson

5 min read

A New Day at Intrado

The State of Public Safety from Intrado CEO, Jeff Robertson January 31stmarked the close of Stonepeak’s acquisition of Intrado Life & Safety. With that, Intrado is now solely focused on safety and steadfastly committed to saving lives by improving...

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Life & Safety Matters: Top Tech in Public Safety for 2022

Hear from Intrado Life & Safety President, Jeff Robertson, as he explores where emergency communications is heading this year, including: efficient...

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Life & Safety Matters: Enterprise 911

How do we handle emergency response in an office, campus, school, or a retail outlet? Learn how enterprise 911 solves these location issues and how...

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Life & Safety Matters: It's All About the Data: Part II

What do you know about all of those new #911 data flows? Getting the right information to the right place at the right time is...

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Life & Safety Matters: It's All About the Data: Part I

Regardless of whatever new technology is introduced into the 911 space—cloud-based, artificial intelligence, the ESInet—it is all informed by data....

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Life & Safety Matters: The Public Safety Cloud

What are you expecting from the public safety cloud? PSAPs will realize ease, flexibility, cost-savings, services’ & personnel coordination and more...

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Life & Safety Matters: The Life & Safety Spectrum

No connection is more important than the call that is routed, delivered, answered, and managed than the one that protects and rescues. And that’s...

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The Future of Public Safety through Artificial Intelligence

The term, “Public Safety", is often described as a wide array of government responsibilities that serve to protect citizens and communities from...

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School and the Workplace Safety: Go Beyond E911 with Safety Shield

Learn why workplace safety matters to PSAPs, schools, and more. Regulations, compliance issues, and location accuracy impact everyone throughout the...

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