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3 min read

Six Ways to Incorporate Panic Buttons in Your Emergency Mass Notification Strategy

Keeping people safe and informed is crucial during an emergency such as severe weather, a building intruder, or active shooter situation. Effectively...

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1 min read

Intrado Safety Suite Blog Series Part 1: Sustainable Solutions and How to Leverage Funding to Enhance Your School Safety Initiatives

School safety is a top priority for students, teachers, parents, and administrators. It is important to have a sustainable school safety plan with...

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2 min read

Tech Tips for K-12 Schools | Evaluating Mass Notification Providers

To be prepared in case of an emergency, K-12 schools should review their mass notification systems and communication procedures to ensure they’re...

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School and the Workplace Safety: Go Beyond E911 with Safety Shield

Learn why workplace safety matters to PSAPs, schools, and more. Regulations, compliance issues, and location accuracy impact everyone throughout the...

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