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Rapidly Respond to Every 911 Caller

VIPER® delivers operational flexibility for state-of-the-art call control for legacy, NG911, and everything in between.

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Power Tools for the PSAP

VIPER® is the foundation for i3-compliant NG911 applications including:

  • Power 911 - Integrated, intelligent workstations
  • Power Metrics - NG911 data mining and analytics
  • Power Locate - when finding the caller IS the emergency
  • Power Ops - provides a quick view of the operations floor
  • Power Station Gen3® - the full VIPER experience in a smaller space
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Emergency Data Broker

Connect the dots between the Internet of Things (IoT) and public safety answering points (PSAPs), providing a robust platform for 911 Data Messaging.

Emergency Data Broker connects IoT partners directly to 911 centers,  creating a new context for new types of responses, and provides even greater situational awareness for first responders. Life-saving data such as floor plans and medical information can be non-verbally communicated instantly.

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Enterprise E911 from a Longtime Leader in 911 Technology
911 location tracking

Emergency Call Tracking System (ECaTS)

ECaTS helps you transform 911 data into actionable insights with near real-time analytics for customized reporting options for Wireless Routing, Forecasting, MIS, Text to 911, i3 Logging, and more.

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