Giving Emergency Personnel the Power of Integrated Real-Time Video

LONGMONT, CO – June 14, 2023 – Intrado Life & Safety (“Intrado”), a trusted provider of software systems and services to the public safety community worldwide, today announced the release of Power 911 PSAP Initiated Video, a solution that gives public safety telecommunicators the ability to request, accept, stream, and share live video from any wireless 911 caller.

The newest enhancement to Intrado’s trusted Power 911® & VIPER call-processing platform allows a telecommunicator to access video from a 911 caller directly from their existing workflow without the need for a separate login or an additional screen—an important timesaver for telecommunicators who typically manage a complex call process, including three or more screens and interfaces in a standard call flow. 

“With a single click, a 911 professional can open a multimedia panel and they’re ready to begin accessing and sharing video,” explains Adan Pope, Chief Technology Officer, Intrado. “And just as important, based on the content of the video, they can choose to share it with first responders, regardless of whether they've viewed it themselves, equipping them with enhanced situational awareness prior to arriving on scene.”

Available to any PSAP/ECC, Power 911 PSAP Initiated Video delivers improved situational awareness in a familiar, trusted & secure interface. Features include:
  • Video, text and data in an integrated multimedia panel within the Power 911 call-handling experience
  • Highly secure cloud-based video storage for 90 days; PSAPs designate admin rights at all levels for optimal records management and security 

“Power 911 PSAP Initiated Video gives both first responders and telecommunicators much improved situational awareness within a familiar, trusted and secure interface,” notes Jeff Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, Intrado. “Rather than relying on a distraught caller to convey crucial information, a telecommunicator immediately has ‘eyes on the scene’ to get a better sense of patient status, the size of a fire, or the number of vehicles involved in a car crash.”

Visit Intrado at NENA 2023, June 19 & 20, in Grapevine, Texas for a full demo of Power 911 PSAP Initiated Video.

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Andrew Rotheram