Wearable Panic Buttons: Enabling Both Fight and Flight

Wearable panic buttons represent a simple, empathetic, and dutiful innovation in public safety that not only addresses known threats and use cases today but will likely be of benefit of ways yet to be imagined. The ability to make fast and simple connections to proper authorities, providing confirmation to people struggling to act rationally in the face of great uncertainty, should enhance the safety of staff and students at any time and for any setting.

Panic buttons have evolved in recent years to incorporate numerous technologies particularly wearable panic buttons and innovations in 911. Wearable panic buttons have even been codified into law in several states across the US through Alyssa’s Law, a statute that mandates directly to law enforcement.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How the Wearable Panic Button helps schools comply with Alyssa’s Law and others like it.

  • The wide variety of situations wearable panic buttons can be used.

  • Device connectivity, capability & performance, and integration.

  • Managing uncertainty to mitigate panic with the wearable panic button.

Schools have a significant responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their students and faculty. This duty of care extends beyond providing a secure environment that’s free of harm. Panic buttons have become an essential tool for improving school safety, as they provide an immediate discrete response to any potential threat or danger. It’s crucial for schools to prioritize the implementation of these safety measures and invest in the necessary resources to protect their school district and surrounding communities.