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Intrado is Mapping a Course for NextGen GIS Success in Public Safety (Part Two)

Knowing that one agency’s needs may be profoundly different from another’s, Intrado created a suite of solutions that allow customers to easily get and pay only for what they need. “Regardless of size, expertise or where you’re at in your NG911 journey, we have a GIS solution,” Cox says.

Intrado GIS Solutions that Meet You Where You’re At 

Here’s an overview of the Intrado Geospatial Portfolio:

PSAP Incident Mapping 

Spatial Command & Control: This browser-based map display shows real-time, highly accurate and actionable data for 911 calls. Not only can telecommunicators use Spatial Command & Control to provide first responders with exceptional situational awareness, but this technology consolidates a variety of data sources and call-handling into a single powerful display, with a single display that includes aerial and indoor map views, advanced search functionality and real time data (i.e. caller and incident locations, available responding unites, traffic information with estimated arrival times, etc.). Spatial Command & Control also works with any CAD or CPE.

GIS Data Editing Tools

Spatial Manager: Once your GIS data is cleaned and updated, it must be maintained and supported over time—that’s the role of Spatial Manager, to keep location data highly accurate. This data-editing tool is a good choice for mid-sized and large PSAPs with some in-house GIS expertise but who don’t want to administer the database management work and editing themselves. 

Spatial Verify: Small PSAPs with little or no GIS staff or experience can use Spatial Verify to update their data. You simply suggest changes, which are then reviewed and made by Intrado GIS technicians. 

Spatial Pro: Formerly known as Intrado MapSAG, this solution is a good choice for PSAPs with a GIS professional on staff (even if the call center doesn’t have an ESInet in place) including large PSAPs at the county or state level and coalitions. Spatial Pro gives you full control of data validation, editing and reporting features within ArcGIS Desktop.

Additional GIS Services

Spatial Engine: Intrado’s Spatial Interface is where the data magic happens. The Spatial Engine processes and prepares GIS data for NENA i3 standard compliance, aka a NG911 environment. With Spatial Engine, you can easily share your existing GIS data with Intrado and begin the process of bringing it up to the highest standard of accuracy. In short, Spatial Engine validates and provisions GIS data, which allows for the all-important process of geospatial routing of calls and data. It’s worth noting that if you’re a current Intrado customer, you likely already have Spatial Engine, as well as easy access to the full suite of Intrado’s GIS technology.

Spatial Services: If you’re a smaller PSAP without a GIS professional on staff to keep your data current, you can send your updates to Intrado to make them for you. Spatial Services is a completely customizable solution to fit your specific needs. 

Spatial Insight: This software uses the Spatial Command & Control interface to display data provided by Intrado’s Emergency Data Broker, which connects the dots between the Internet of Things (IoT) – meaning physical objects like smart cars, connected buildings, healthcare wearables, alarm sensors and more – and PSAPs. Spatial Insight is available at no additional cost to every Intrado customer. 

Intrado: Guiding You to GIS Success 

Whether at a state or local level, regardless of expertise, and no matter where you’re at in your GIS process, Intrado has a solution that can help you get where you need to go. Their experts are available to help you navigate your GIS data journey and reach a successful outcome. Visit insights.intrado.com/gis to learn more and get started!

A version of this blog post originally appeared in APCO’s PSC Online Magazine.  

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