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Streamlining 911 Alarm Data & Cutting Response Time: A Look into Intrado Emergency Data Broker

Data is incredibly valuable to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Another critical component is time. Data and time may be the two most vital items when it comes to emergency response and saving lives. Intrado provides a solution to make these two factors more efficient and attainable: Emergency Data Broker

What is Intrado Emergency Data Broker?

Emergency Data Broker offers the ultimate connection between the Internet of Things (IoT) and PSAPs – establishing a comprehensive platform for 911 data messaging. 

What does Emergency Data Broker mean to you?

To Intrado Partner Program Manager, Alex Hamlin, Emergency Data Broker is the industry-leading platform because it enables IoT and technology companies to communicate with 911 and other first responders in ways going beyond traditional voice calls – something that no one else can do seamlessly in the market today. 

Intrado and ADT Partnership Aims to Save Lives

Intrado’s partnership with ADT, the most trusted brand in smart home and small business security, enables ADT to deliver additional data to 911 centers and first responders throughout the alarm response process by leveraging Intrado Emergency Data Broker. To learn more about the Intrado and ADT partnership, please click here to read the full press release. 

When asked about this new robust platform, Hamlin stated, “for the PSAP, our Emergency Data Broker is a massive time saver. There is no need for a verbal confirm and relay. The information about a given situation is all in the first data message.”

The information that is relayed to a PSAP in the data message includes the location, the type of ADT alarm, point of activation in a home or business, additional description of the alarm, and information that ADT may have from the property.

What is the ultimate value to a person who is having an emergency?

Hamlin explained how this question relates back to Intrado’s partnership with ADT. The end user, or the person who is having the emergency, is likely not aware what’s happening behind the scenes on the other end of their alarm. The user can trust ADT’s 24/7 monitoring and know that local authorities such as the police, fire services, ambulances, or whoever is needed, will be dispatched, and contacted to quickly send help to the location where it is needed. 

With this Emergency Data Broker solution and ADT alarm services, the entire process is much faster. A text message containing all the necessary data displayed easily for PSAPs, is now possible. All the information is transferred via text-to-911 without the need of a direct voice call.

What does Emergency Data Broker do for the 911 center?

Hamlin says that for the 911 center itself, it is a massive time saver. In the event of an emergency, every second counts which can help save lives.

“Without the need to verbally confirm and relay information, the PSAP is able to text back and forth with ADT to get all of the specific data they need to get to the point of emergency,” said Hamlin.

How is the ADT alarm information presented to a 911 center?

Hamlin describes the first initial ADT message that pops up on the PSAP’s screen after an alarm incident. The message includes everything needed to dispatch. For example, the first message would include: location of the address, type of ADT alarm, point of activation (location within home/building), any additional description of the alarm, premise description, as well as any miscellaneous notes from ADT.

Why do you stand behind this solution?

“From my perspective, Intrado is very unique in the public safety industry,” said Hamlin.

Emergency Data Broker created a solution that works with any text-enabled 911 center in the country, regardless of their hardware or software vendor.

“It just works.”

For the 911 center, there is no need to do upgrades. There is no need to buy anything. It is a game changer and may help to saves lives.

Intrado has been routing 911 calls for decades. As a company, Intrado touches 95% of all 911 incidents in North America, whether Intrado is the one routing the call, or a 911 center is utilizing Intrado hardware equipment or mapping solutions. 

“Our solution reaches a whole public safety continuum,” Hamlin states.

What are common objections as to why a PSAP would not want to integrate our Emergency Data Broker solution?

“To be completely honest with you, I haven’t had a PSAP tell me no yet. Not one,” said Hamlin.

This solution gets people off voice lines. In a PSAP, getting that data is crucial, and this system accomplishes just that, in a time efficient way. Getting information through text instead of a voice call, saves time, and it saves resources. 

“This solution saves lives,” Hamlin said.

What are the next steps if a 911 center wants to integrate Emergency Data Broker into their system?

It’s easy to set up, simple to use, and 100% free – a PSAP just needs to opt-in. The only prerequisite is the requirement of being text-enabled. After opting into this solution, the training simple. There is a one-page reference sheet Intrado provides to each workstation at the PSAP for the telecommunicators. If your workstation can receive text messages, you are already there and ready for this solution. Just opt in.

For questions about Intrado Emergency Data Broker and 911 Data Messaging, please click here and fill out the form on the right side of the page.

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