On-Demand Webinar: A Conversation with 911 Professionals on Safeguarding the Guardians: Mental Health Awareness for Public Safety Telecommunicators

In this recorded webinar,  we discuss raising awareness about mental health within the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) community. As the first line of response during emergencies, telecommunicators play a pivotal role in public safety, often facing high-stress situations that can take a toll on their mental well-being.

We examine the unique challenges and stressors that telecommunicators and members of the public safety community encounter daily, exploring the potential impact on their mental health. Our guest panelists share insights, strategies, and resources to help telecommunicators recognize, manage, and cope with stress, trauma, and burnout.

Whether you're a telecommunicator, a supervisor, or a mental health advocate within the public safety sector, this recorded webinar offers valuable guidance to support the mental well-being of those who dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe. Let's come together to ensure that the guardians of our public safety receive the support and recognition they deserve.