On-Demand Webinar — Empowering School Safety Navigating Partnerships with Law Enforcement and Alyssa's Law Compliance

In this recorded webinar, you'll learn about the fast-changing school safety regulations, like Alyssa's Law, and strategies to forge robust partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)! 

Watch this 30-minute webinar highlighting the critical importance of these collaborations and how they contribute to creating safer learning environments for students, faculty, staff, and the local community. 

Key Topics:

  1. Hear from Lori Alhadeff, President of Make Our Schools Safe, for a deeper understanding of Alyssa’s Law.
  2. Implementing silent panic alarm systems: Challenges and solutions.
  3. Voice of the Customer: Bradly Perkins, Director of Public Safety from Dover Area School District will share success stories on what they’re doing to prioritize school safety.
  4. The role of PSAPs and law enforcement in K-12 safety.
  5. Strategies for establishing and maintaining partnerships.
  6. Enhancing emergency preparedness and response.