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AI-Powered Innovations Transforming Emergency Communications Centers: A Lifesaving Revolution in Public Safety

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to significantly change the world, with public safety being a crucial consideration that cannot be overlooked. It is noteworthy that agencies worldwide are actively experimenting with AI, a development that holds great promise and potential benefits.

As with any new public safety technology, Intrado adopts a very deliberate approach in rolling out new solutions, ensuring that only thoroughly tested and proven innovations are introduced. This same strategy applies to AI.

In a major advancement for Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs), Intrado is excited to share revolutionary AI-powered innovations that go beyond typical technological progress – they are interventions that can save lives. These AI-powered solutions are already in the market, and customers are experiencing the tangible benefits of these enhancements.

  • AI for Cardiac Arrest Detection - This is a game-changer to detect cardiac arrests from emergency calls, providing real-time alerts that fast-track life-saving responses.

  • AI-Enhanced Call Assistance - Trained with data from 911 calls, our AI provides instant recommendations, improving the prioritization of emergencies and supporting call takers with precision and care.

  • Quality Assurance in Protocol Adherence - With real-time keyword detection and adherence analysis, our AI offers a complete view of ECC performance, enabling better training and improved service.

  • Real-time Text Translation - Supporting over 100+ languages, our AI-driven translation service ensures seamless communication during critical moments, regardless of language barriers.

These solutions reshape public safety by smoothly incorporating artificial intelligence into emergency response protocols. The combination of advanced technology and critical nature of emergency situations has led to a range of AI breakthroughs that not only make a significant impact but also contribute to saving lives.

This marks only the beginning, with numerous other exciting developments currently in progress. Are you ready to deploy one or all? Fill out the form or talk with one of our experts to learn more today!

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