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Intrado Develops New E911 Solution for Microsoft Teams

Last updated: December 13, 2019

If your enterprise is migrating to Microsoft Teams, you can start using Dynamic E911, Microsoft’s new cloud-based E911 location tracking feature integrated in Teams, which is now generally available for all environments. With the FCC’s recent adoption of dispatchable location rules, Teams’ new location tracking feature comes at a perfect time. However, one question remains: how will your enterprise’s 911 calls and location information be routed?

Intrado Life & Safety’s new E911 solution for Teams routes and delivers your enterprise’s 911 calls with the on-premises caller’s precise location to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Specifically developed for Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing, Intrado’s E911 solution supports Dynamic E911 by extracting the location information from a 911 call so that the call and location information can be routed accordingly.

Intrado’s Plug and Play E911 Solution for Microsoft Teams

Intrado’s Emergency Routing Service (ERS) is a hosted call routing solution that works in the cloud with Teams, and is compatible with all Microsoft certified Session Board Controllers (SBCs) for Teams with Direct Routing. The solution is fully automated and does not require additional software or hardware. Simply configure your SBCs to send 911 calls to ERS, and you’re good to go. What’s more, your enterprise will have 911 coverage for its users as Intrado provides connectivity to over 6,000 PSAPs across North America. This ensures that 911 calls and location data will be routed and delivered to the appropriate PSAP, every time.

What about Teleworkers and Remote Users?

A 911 call made off-premises is routed to Intrado’s U.S.-based Emergency Call Relay Center (ECRC). 911 calls without a location is also routed to Intrado’s ECRC, where certified and trained professionals will triage the call, and send the call with its location information to the appropriate PSAP.

Security Notifications Capabilities

Enterprises who wish to enhance their E911 solution, or meet notification requirements under Kari’s Law, can do so by adding security desk notifications capabilities. Intrado’s Emergency Gateway provides your security staff with on-screen alerts every time a 911 call is made within your enterprise. It allows your staff to listen in on the call with its multi-party emergency bridging feature, to barge-in on the call, and to route the 911 call to the PSAP. EGW is an on-site management appliance that works in a multi-vendor Unified Communications (UC) environment that offers a consistent workflow and user experience across all UC platforms, regardless of the UC vendor.

For more information about Intrado’s E911 solutions for Teams, take a look at the E911 Solutions for Microsoft Teams brochure, or contact one of our E911 experts today.

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