TSP Services

The Intrado TSP Services page is designed to support Telecommunications Services Providers (TSPs) that need to connect to the Intrado Emergency Network for the delivery of 9-1-1 calls and location information to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).  Linked Here is Intrado’s TSP Interface Specification, which provides an overview of Intrado’s recommendations and expectations for 9-1-1 routing and interconnection including the appropriate treatment of returned 9-1-1- calls that have failed to transmit through Intrado’s network. 

As explained in the TSP Interface Specification, Intrado strongly recommends that each TSP connect their network to the Intrado 9-1-1 Routing Network via at least two separate and independent trunking facilities (diverse routed).  For each individual TSP End Office, Intrado recommends two separate and independent emergency service (ES) trunk groups, each terminating on a different tandem switch or Intrado Point of Interfaces (POI) in the Intrado Emergency Network. The TSP may choose to consolidate traffic from multiple EOs into these redundant and diverse trunk groups to the Intrado POIs. Intrado expects that the TSP will size the trunks appropriately to support a P.01 grade of service (or better) for all traffic. If the TSP encounters routing problems over any of these facilities, the call can be alternately routed by the TSP on another facility via a different POI into the Intrado 9-1-1 Routing Network.

In the event that a 9-1-1 call fails to transmit through Intrado’s Emergency Network, the call typically will be returned to you with a cause code. As a TSP, it is your responsibility to attempt to re-route returned 9-1-1 calls via a different trunk group to a different POI on Intrado’s network. I ntrado strongly recommends that your organization institute an appropriate advance routing plan to ensure delivery of the 9-1-1 call via an alternate route when a cause code is returned by Intrado’s 9-1-1 Routing Network.  Please see the Section titled “Route Advancement” of the TSP Interface Specification for further information on cause code treatment and Intrado’s recommendations for reference documents on cause code treatment. TSPs should also consider implementing load balancing arrangements for their 9-1-1 traffic with appropriate call allocation between Intrado’s POIs.

Intrado remains committed to delivering reliable 9-1-1 service. Through implementation of the steps above, you will be contributing directly to this mission through the elimination of single points of failure within the 9-1-1 network with route advancement support.

TSP Interface Specification