Intrado’s Latest ECaTS Updates Deliver Realtime Analytics & Insights for NG911-connected PSAPs and a Toolkit for Analyzing Wireless Call Routing

LONGMONT, CO – June 25, 2024 – Intrado Life & Safety (“Intrado”), a global leader in emergency communication services and end-to-end solutions, today announced the availability of the NG911 Dashboard and Wireless Routing Analysis (WRA) for Intrado’s Emergency Call Track System (ECaTS) solution. These enhancements to the industry’s leading 9-1-1 Analytics platform will enable Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and emergency services response coordinators that utilize Intrado’s ECaTS solution to gain greater visibility of their calls on Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) networks, as well as streamline workflows for routing sheet management and analysis to reduce misroutes with real-time data and customizable insights.

Get a Real-Time View of Calls on NG9-1-1 Networks with Intrado’s NG911 Dashboard

The landscape of NG9-1-1 networks is rapidly evolving, and jurisdictions need a comprehensive, real-time solution to ensure the adoption of new technologies and systems does not negatively impact network performance and emergency response efficacy. Intrado’s new NG911 Dashboard provides emergency service coordinators and 9-1-1 call centers with an unparalleled view of any jurisdiction’s ESInet to monitor network activity and ensure a seamless emergency response. The NG911 Dashboard’s real-time processing proactively alerts users to network anomalies and interruptions, allowing for fast decision-making, and the customizable interface enables teams to prioritize the insights and alerts that are most critical to their unique operational needs.

Track and Analyze Calls from Individual Sectors with WRA

WRA capabilities enable PSAPs and operators with even deeper visibility and understanding of ESInet wireless routing by providing analyses of each cell sector in a specific jurisdiction. Intrado’s WRA Suite analyzes wireless routing performance to produce insights that address specific details about how calls are delivered to the PSAP. The WRA Suite offers a series of reports and additional analytics to identify when cell sectors are brought online and track specific wireless numbers for field testing, including reports on wireless call sectors, wireless transfer summaries, new towers, ESN tracking, and field testing. Intrado’s WRA Suite also offers Routing Sheet Management (RSM) functionality, which provides users with the ability to import, store, revise and track routing sheets for analysis and report generation.

"Intrado is always there in an emergency, and we are constantly striving to deepen the value of insights and analytics that Intrado can provide to PSAPs and 9-1-1 call centers,” said Jaz Lin, Head of Product at Intrado. “The NG911 Dashboard and WRA capabilities available in our ECaTS solution are designed to not only provide improved understanding of today’s emergency services networks, but to also allow organizations to leverage Intrado as a strategic partner. By using our long-standing industry expertise, organizations can embrace the future of emergency response technology without risking the functionality of existing network components – proving that Intrado is always there to provide critical support and insights in any emergency, regardless of the jurisdiction’s unique needs or infrastructure.”

These enhancements and industry-exclusive capability additions to ECaTS underscore Intrado’s commitment to seamless communication and continuous innovation in the emergency services and response industry. As Intrado continues to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to 9-1-1 service organizations, the company is dedicated to also ensuring that all solutions offer the most up-to-date security features and operate in compliance with regulatory standards. Robust reporting capabilities allow users to easily tap into comprehensive and actionable insights through the Intrado ECaTS analytics and reporting platform, fully harnessing the depth and breadth of this market-leading tool.

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