Why You Should Select Intrado for Enterprise E911

In the final Understanding Enterprise E911 video, learn what sets Intrado apart from other 911 solution providers.   

Why Select Intrado for Enterprise E911?

Intrado provides a full spectrum of 911 solutions to keep communities safe and connected to help when it’s needed most. Public safety answering points (PSAPs), carriers, schools, and businesses of all types trust Intrado to deliver robust, reliable and innovative technology that helps connect people to first responders.

Intrado delivers:

  • Experience from over 45 years of 911 innovations and 1000+ employees completely dedicated to 911 solutions.
  • Coverage that boasts the largest E911 footprint and carrier-grade infrastructure.
  • Connectivity to over 6000 public safety answering points thanks to extensive peering agreements.
  • Reliability thanks to 24/7/365 call routing over our geo-redundant network.
  • Compliance with state and FCC regulatory and reporting rules as well as ISO certification.
  • Support from our 24/7/365 Network Operation Center and our own 24/7/365 US-based Emergency Call Relay Center (ECRC) staffed by APCO-trained telecommunicators

    You can trust Intrado to deliver a truly unified, end-to-end 911 solution that helps you prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency situation. Our end-to-end incident management solution, which includes E911, wearable and app-based panic buttons, reunification, situational awareness data – all connected with E911 provide a leading solution to keep your enterprise safe.