What Comes After Implementing Enterprise E911?

In part eight of our Understanding Enterprise E911 series, find out what you should keep in mind after implementing your E911 solution.   

What comes after implementing Enterprise E911?

Once you select and implement your E911 solution, there are additional things you can do to further ensure safety and prepare for the future. After coming into compliance, it's important to not just forget about 911 services. As your workplace changes, make sure you are proactively managing new locations and new users. Testing should occur regularly to verify calls are routing properly and accurate information is being passed to public safety answering points.

It's also important to approach employee and workplace safety with a comprehensive point of view. This means creating overall emergency response plans as well as leveraging new technologies for enhanced safety. Taking these steps are critical in terms of a full safety solution.

Intrado offers tools for end-to-end incident management which includes:

  • IP based alerts and sensor detection
  • Mass notifications
  • Panic buttons, including our Wearable Panic Button

Our integrated, software-based approach brings all of these capabilities together to connect your workplace to first responders while giving your enterprise the needed visibility to formulate an immediate response.