Intrado LifeHub Product Brief


Cloud Native NG 9-1-1 Call Handling

For years, Intrado has been the gold standard for 9-1-1 solutions. Now we take 40+ years of experience with 9-1-1 to bring you LifeHub, our cloud native, browser-based call handling solution for public safety answering points (PSAPs) and Emergency Call Centers (ECCs).

If you are running a PSAP or an ECC, you know you have choices. As you look at moving forward your call handling requirements should probably include:

  • Modern, streamlined user experience for call takers, supports both map-centric and activity-centric views
  • NG 9-1-1 Support
  • ESInet Interoperability and Compatibility
  • NENA I3 Compatibility

Intrado LifeHub is a solid foundation for i3 compliant, NG 9-1-1 applications, allowing PSAPs of any size to easily transition to a flexible, scalable, robust cloud native model.

Progressive, New Features Further Empower Agents

  • Cloud hosted scalability and performance
  • Fast to deploy – minimal up-front cost or expense
  • No maintenance, upgrades or security patches to worry about
  • Fully NG 9-1-1 compliant, full ESInet and NENA i3 support
  • True geo redundant hosting for maximum uptime and reliability
  • Robust, industry leading ECaTS analytics
  • Flexible CAD and PBX integration options


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