Intrado VIPER as a Service Product Brief

VIPER as a Service

Hybrid Cloud NG 9-1-1 Call Handling

For years, Intrado’s VIPER CPE was the gold standard for PSAP call handling. Call takers used VIPER to effectively and rapidly respond to each and every caller, as well as provide essential situational and location information to first responders.

Now, Intrado’s flagship call handling solution, VIPER, is available as a hybrid cloud offering, VIPER as a Service. The same rich feature set and the same time proven performance are now available with lower maintenance, faster deployment and a convenient OpEx pricing model.

PSAPs are under pressure to make every dollar and every person count. In this context, it makes more sense than ever to explore proven solutions delivered in new, cost effective ways. VIPER as a Service allows PSAPs to quickly deploy the solution, minimizing time to value. With VIPER as a Service all the updates, operating system and security patches are all handled for you, behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on handling calls and supporting your telecommunicators.

VIPER as a Service provides the foundation for i3 compliant, NG 9-1-1 applications, while fully supporting legacy network and operational environments. Viper as a Service allows PSAPs of any size to easily transition to a networked model that integrates data, voice and future traffic.

Progressive, New Features Further Empower Agent

  • New browser-based, easy to use UI
  • Cloud hosted scalability and performance
  • Fast to deploy – minimal up-front cost or expense
  • No maintenance, upgrades or security patches to worry about
  • Fully NG 9-1-1 compliant, full ESInet and NENA i3 support
  • Geo redundant hosting for maximum uptime and reliability
  • Advanced AI Extensions
  • Robust, industry leading ECaTS analytics
  • Flexible CAD and PBX integration options
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