A Partner’s View on Intrado’s PSAP-Initiated Text

In this blog, you’ll learn about Intrado’s PSAP-Initiated Text feature and hear first-hand from Intrado partner Joel Palanuk, founder and president of Noble 911.

May 20, 2022

PSAP-Initiated Texting: Why it Matters and How it can be Leveraged    

PSAP-Initiated Text allows 911 telecommunicators to text message a person that calls 911 and gets disconnected. 

An example of a use case would include a wireless caller accidentally making an emergency call. PSAP-Initiated Text will allow the PSAP to send a text message to that caller and check in to see if they need assistance. PSAP-Initiated Text also allows PSAPs to have a softer communication level for a potential accident, domestic violence case or more. A victim in a domestic violence situation may not be able to make a voice call because of dangerous circumstances but with PSAP-Initiated Texting, the victim and dispatcher can communicate with each other and get the help needed. 

Another use case would be if someone was lost in the wilderness. That person may not be able to make a voice call because of the lack of phone signal. The lost individual may have a better chance of sending a text message and getting it through to dispatchers. The dispatchers can then locate that person and send help. 

Voice from our Partner: Noble 911 Services 

Noble 911 Services is based out of Sisters, Oregon and was founded in 2013 with a mission to provide the best 911 telecommunications service available to PSAPs.  

Palanuk received an Intrado newsletter about this new PSAP-Initiated Text feature and immediately saw the value it could bring to his PSAP customers. He instantly started making calls to Intrado to get started. 

A situation came up recently with Noble 911 where there was a domestic case with a suicidal person. This person was not answering voice calls from either dispatchers or family members. The dispatcher from Prineville PD quickly remembered about the availability of PSAP-Initiated Text and used this as a resource to communicate with the person in danger. 

“It makes me feel really good that we implemented a product that’s saved a life and given that person another chance.” -Joel Palanuk 

To learn more about the Intrado PSAP-initiated text feature and hear the rest of Noble 911’s story, watch this video: