GIS Day 2022: Learning from North Dakota's Data Upgrade

GIS Day 2022: How Can You Learn from North Dakota’s GIS Data Upgrade for NG911 Readiness?

As public safety answering points (PSAPs) prepare for Next Generation 911 (NG911) adoption, perhaps the most intriguing element is the need for accurate, reliable Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data. As tough as it is to create and maintain NG911 GIS data for location validation and routing, it is possible.

This compelling case study illustrates how the State of North Dakota leveraged Intrado technology to overcome inherent and associated challenges to migrate quickly and efficiently to GIS-based MSAGs, and developed in-house GIS expertise without the cost of hiring full-time specialists:

  • MSAG development across counties required synchronizing data
  • Creating a statewide GIS data workflow
  • Limited time, staff, and GIS expertise