Intrado Voice to Text Transcription and Translation Product Brief

Voice to Text Transcription and Translation

Real time transcription and translation for the PSAP


Voice to Text Transcription

Problem: Call Takers sometime have difficulties understanding the caller - PSAPs don’t have the resources/manpower to review and sort out all their recordings.

Solution: Real time Voice call transcription provides a reference to the call taker in the language of their choice and enables fast, easy, effective key word search and tagging of recorded PSAP calls.

Benefits: Aids call-taker to confirm what was said by the caller. Enables more effective QA, training, identifying best practices and data feed for AI systems. Additionally enables ECC/PSAP supervisor to be brought in when key words or key terms are detected.



Voice to Text Translation

Problem: PSAPs don’t have translators on staff, on site to provide support for multi-lingual 911 calls. Bringing a translation service onto the call takes time, delaying emergency response and risking lives.

Solution: Language autodetect – if a language detected is something other than the PSAP’s default language, a translated transcript is provided.

Benefits: Always on, 24x7 availability, faster emergency response and with it potentially saving lives. Better access for diverse communities, potential reduction in cost of translation services.


From Afrikaans to Zulu, Khmer to Korean

With support for 76 languages and 144 dialects, Voice to Text Translation provides wide and deep coverage for your communities emergency communications needs..



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