VPN Laptop for Viper/Power911 Fact Sheet


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Rest assured – when public safety answering points (PSAP) need remote access to their physical emergency communications center (ECC), Intrado is ready-set to provide laptop support to help you avoid disruption of services.

Feature-rich VIPER and Power 911 are flexible enough to adapt to your remote operational needs. Intrado technicians can outfit call handling workstations with secure connectivity to the internet in a pre-configured laptop, supplied to you directly from Intrado or through one of our telecom partners. Setting up the remote workstation is accomplished in four simple steps.

There’s no need to wait. Contact us today to learn how you can “go remote” with call handling operations securely and efficiently, supported with the same reliability, redundancy, and 24×7 availability you’ve come to expect from Intrado.

Learn about “The Anytime, Anywhere PSAP” and how YOUR PSAP can leverage VIPER VPN Laptop for more than remote Call Handling as circumstances demand. Special pricing through September 30, 2021.

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