What Is Kari's Law?

In part three of our Understanding Enterprise E911 series, gain an understanding of two important components of Kari's Law.   

What is Kari's Law?

Kari’s Law is an FCC regulation that requires direct access to 911 without dialing a prefix. In the past, someone may have had to press a digit, such as 9, to reach an outside line and then dial 911. Kari’s Law ensures 911 calls from multi-line telephone systems can be placed with no additional digits or codes needed prior to dialing.

Kari’s Law also requires a notification to be sent when a 911 call is made. Within an enterprise, that notification will typically go to security team, apprising them of the 911 call with location details included. This notification is helpful in getting assistance to the 911 caller faster, both from onsite personnel and first responders.

In addition to federal laws, some states may have additional requirements. As laws may be interpreted differently, it is always recommended to review E911 regulations with your legal department.