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duty of care safety technology

1 min read

Enterprise Safety Technology & Duty of Care

Your duty of care extends beyond compliance with state and federal E911 regulations like Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act. Duty of care is an obligation...

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Intrado Customer Testimonial Video - Hamilton County 911

2 min read

Voice of the Customer: Hamilton County Communications Center Innovates 911 Call Handling with Intrado

For more than a decade, Hamilton County Communications Center has been a loyal user of Intrado products. They rely on Intrado VIPER® and Power 911®...

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3 min read

Voice of the Customer: Mass Notifications in K-12 Schools

Mass notification systems are essential for every K-12 school. There is an increasing demand for communication solutions to ensure the safety of...

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1 min read

A Partner’s View on Intrado’s PSAP-Initiated Text

PSAP-Initiated Texting: Why it Matters and How it can be Leveraged PSAP-Initiated Text allows 911 telecommunicators to text message a person that...

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Life & Safety Matters: Top Tech in Public Safety for 2022

Hear from Intrado Life & Safety President, Jeff Robertson, as he explores where emergency communications is heading this year, including: efficient...

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Life & Safety Matters: It's All About the Data: Part II

What do you know about all of those new #911 data flows? Getting the right information to the right place at the right time is...

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School and the Workplace Safety: Go Beyond E911 with Safety Shield

Learn why workplace safety matters to PSAPs, schools, and more. Regulations, compliance issues, and location accuracy impact everyone throughout the...

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The Future of GIS for Public Safety: It's More than Just a Map

Using modern Esri technology, authoritative GIS data, and powerful search capabilities, public safety telecommunicators can now reduce the...

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