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Voice of the Customer: Hamilton County Communications Center Innovates 911 Call Handling with Intrado

For more than a decade, Hamilton County Communications Center has been a loyal user of Intrado products. They rely on Intrado VIPER® and Power 911® solutions to streamline their call management needs. Their partnership with Intrado started in its early stages, with a shared goal of developing technology that optimally serves the needs of Hamilton County, Ohio residents. 

Intrado Solutions Enable Telecommunicators to Work Offsite

Hamilton County Communications Center has a combination of 20 fixed locations for call taker workstations and CPE devices, along with an additional 15 that are employed in conjunction with a backup and training facility. Additionally, they make use of tactically deployable laptops capable of operating in the field at various locations. This enables Hamilton County Communications Center to manage 911 traffic and text-to-911 requests from virtually any required location. The Intrado laptop solution perfectly met Hamilton’s needs at precisely the right moment, allowing them to handle this traffic onsite, beyond the county’s primary dispatch center.

The Use Cases Extend to Live Simulation Training

Hamilton County Communications Center incorporated the Intrado laptop solution not just for everyday operations but also for training purposes. They relocated their trainers to a controlled environment outside the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), allowing them to collaborate with trainees with the assurance that they were working on real-time systems that mirrored what they would encounter in the Emergency Communications Center (ECC).

Andrew Knapp, Director of Communications for Hamilton County says, “Having been in the business since 1988, I would have never expected to see this type of technology where I can handle voice, texting, 911 traffic, and non-emergency traffic right from the comfort of my own home – but with the goal of it being to get the help to our citizens as quickly as possible.”


The Intrado Customer Service & Technology Experience

Andrew Knapp highly endorses Intrado for agencies considering an upgrade in their 911 service. He is confident Intrado will enhance your overall service quality, providing extensive array of technical resources. Additionally, Intrado's industry experts are equipped to assist with virtually any challenge faced within your PSAP.

“My overall customer service experience couldn't be any better than with Intrado. There’s no question that there’s very few companies in public safety technology that have lasted as long as Intrado has, and there’s a reason for that. The reason is the passion of the people at Intrado. The reason is that knowing that the technology is ever changing and always looking for what’s next, but also keeping your finger on the pulse of public safety, knowing what public safety needs and what technology can best serve those customers,” said Knapp.

Knapp has seen a multitude of transformations in PSAP infrastructure, ranging from traditional analog phones to the latest i3 standard. Throughout this journey, the unmistakable influence of Intrado is evident in the continually emerging and advancing technology, distinguishing them from the rest.

About Hamilton County Communications Center

Hamilton County Communications Center is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and provides the finest and most professional Public Safety Communications Services in the most accurate, expeditious, and innovative manner possible. Hamilton County Communications Center is the critical first link between the people of Hamilton County and public safety first responders.

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