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Intrado Revolution and Notification Management

1 min read

Using Intrado Revolution to Simplify Notification Management

Intrado Revolution is an emergency mass notification system that unifies disparate technology into a centralized platform. This software connects people, systems, and processes to eliminate communication barriers. Revolution gives people a simple...

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988 georouting for accurate call routing

4 min read

988 Georouting: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Since the July 2022 launch of the three-digit 988 short code, more than 7.6 million calls, texts, and chats have been routed to crisis centers across...

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Mass notification terms

2 min read

Using Mass Notification Terms to Better Understand Your School’s Emergency Plan

Emergency mass notification systems are used to send alerts to groups and individuals during a crisis. They help inform staff, students, parents, and...

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Catherine Rohlf

2 min read

Empowering Substitutes: Emergency Preparedness Training Tips for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers play an important role in our schools, and it’s common to have several substitutes working on campus on any given day.

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Audio Alerts

2 min read

7 Types of Audio Alerts You Can Use with Intrado Revolution

Audio alerts are a type of notification method that Intrado Revolution software provides to help customers communicate critical information, grab the...

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Bob Erspamer

3 min read

Enhancing School Security Through Collaboration with Local First Responders

In today's ever-changing world, school security is a top concern for parents, students, teachers, and administrators. Ensuring the safety and...

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8 min read

Why Location Centric?

The influence of geographic information systems (GIS) on emergency communications continues to find its way to the front and center of the...

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9 min read

Intrado Innovator Series: Meet NORA LIGRANI

Nora Ligrani is the Director of Product Management at Intrado, responsible for our Safety Suite, a purpose-built set of tools designed to help...

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