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Mass Notification Systems and Lockdown Drills

3 min read

Incorporating Mass Notification Systems with Your Lockdown Drills

A lockdown typically takes place when there is a credible threat within the interior or exterior of a building – such as an active shooter or building intruder. Without a solid plan and proper training, it can be difficult for schools to know how...

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Sonic Edge Computing

8 min read

Why Edge Computing?

In the coming weeks, Intrado will introduce the Sonic EDGE, an alternate configuration of the Sonic G3, and a cutting-edge appliance that gives...

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Why Zero Trust

7 min read

Why Zero Trust?

I was raised with the old adage that you had to “take the bad with the good.” Your heavy-duty pickup truck comes in handy at the lumber yard but...

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K-12 Smart Campus

3 min read

Intrado Safety Suite Blog Series Part 3: Creating a Smart Campus Leveraging Integrated Safety Solutions

It’s important for schools to have the right communication tools and safety systems to alert faculty, students, security personnel, and visitors in...

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Private Wireless

3 min read

Private Wireless: Just One Voice Call Makes You a Regulated Carrier

Hidden beneath the buzz of 5G wireless network rollouts was the FCC auction of a band of spectrum that could spur a wave of private wireless network...

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4 min read

Why Nationwide ESInets?

Cybersecurity experts often refer to the dangers to an enterprise in terms of their threat surface—all the ways in which a hacker could break into...

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6 min read

Eight Guidelines to Consider When Building an Emergency Communication Plan for Your School

A strategic — and well-tested — emergency plan can help staff respond effectively in a crisis. Emergency planning is something we all know we should...

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2 min read

Intrado Safety Suite Blog Series Part 2: Integrating School Safety Systems with Local Law Enforcement and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP)

17% of mass shootings in the U.S. have taken place in schools and since 1970, 1,316 school shootings have occurred and these numbers are increasing....

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3 min read

Six Ways to Incorporate Panic Buttons in Your Emergency Mass Notification Strategy

Keeping people safe and informed is crucial during an emergency such as severe weather, a building intruder, or active shooter situation. Effectively...

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